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The Inca trail Considerate one of the best hike in Perú  and the world due the geography of the andes and the history that people can find along the 43 km /26 miles is located in Cusco – Perú the capital of the incas.

Where you can understand about Inca civilization, culture, and society. Hiking through Andean Valleys, breathtaking Inca places, and cloud forest.

Finally, finish the journey in the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) with the amazing view  of the lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu and, Only on this trek, after all, you can arrive at Machu Picchu by foot through the Sun Gate (inti punku).

Many hikers have complained about the Inca trail permits because they could not get on this hike. Because the Permits were sold out for the demand months, April, May, June, and July.

There is a maximum limit of 500 permit per day that’s included tour guides, professional cooks, and indigenous porters. Meaning that only 200 permits are allocated for tourists and about 300 porters, and guides each day.


Inca Trail Availability 2024

  • January 2024 AVAILABLE
  • February 2024 CLOSED 
  • March 2024 AVAILABLE
  • April 2024 PERMITS SOLD OUT 
  • May 2024 PERMITS SOLD OUT 
  • July 2024 AVAILABLE
  • August 2024 AVAILABLE
  • September 2024 AVAILABLE
  • October 2024 AVAILABLE
  • November 2024 AVAILABLE
  • December 2024 AVAILABLE

BOOK YOUR INCA TRAIL 2024 NOW!!! to secure your spot.

Why booking early the Inca trail ?

Hike the Inca Trail is a bucket list worthy event, but it involves a lot of advance planning. In order to hike this amazing trail, you must book through a licensed operator, like Cusco Andean Hike, to secure permits for your trek.

Permits are extremely limited and sell out almost immediately. Here are some answers to the most common questions about this process.

How many versions of the inca trail are there?

There are different types of inca trail, depending on how much time you have.

What do I need to hike the Inca Trail?

You NEED a permit from the government in order to hike the Inca Trail 4days or 2 days.

How many permits does the government give out?

500 permits per day for the Inca Trail. EVERYONE needs a permit, including your crew, which means that only about 200 – 300 visitors will be able to start this hike every day.

Once I book a permit, can I change my start date?

No. The government does not allow us to change any dates for permits. If you need to change your date, you will need to purchase a new permit and your new date is likely going to be sold out.

Am I guaranteed to get my start date?

Unfortunately no, but by booking with a trusted company, you are in the best hands to make this happen. For the last three years we have been 99% successful in getting everyone’s first choice for a start date. But giving us a back up or two for possible starts does help us make sure that you get to do this hike. We will always work to get your top choice and notify you if this doesn’t happen (which will not be the case). If we weren’t successful at all, which has NEVER happened, we will refund your money entirely – 100%.


Travellers are not aware of the 500 permits per day limit in the Inca Trail. In addition, most travellers do not know that this limit applies not only to trekkers entering the trail each day but also to all support staff required – guides, cooks, and porters.

To preserve the integrity of this famous part of what the Inca called the Qhapaq Ñan, no hooved pack animals are allowed along the majority of Inca Trail.

Therefore, have to rely on people (support staff) to help us carry camping gear, food, sleeping and cooking supplies. Better known as ¨chaskis¨ in ancient times and well renowned for their lightning running speed along the paths to relay messages across the vast expanse of the Inca Empire, support staff is vital to the operating of treks on the Inca Trail.
Due to such regulation, the permits required for any one group of trekkers, requires double if not triple the permits (of that of the number of trekkers) just for the support staff.

Now that you know the reason behind the Inca Trail´s high demand, you will perhaps feel a bigger need to book your permits sooner than later!.



inca trail availability 2023 - inca trail permit map- mapa - cusco andean hike

Cusco Andean Hike Offer diferent versions of Inca trail 2024

100% All the departures Guaranteed

You did not book the inca trail On time we have the best alternative hikes to Machu picchu


best inca trail tour companies - las mejores operadoras del camino inca


Classic Inca Trail 

Considered the best hike of Peru´ and the world for the beauty and wonderful archeological sites on the mountains. Also you can see different microclimates. we will also see some archaeological centers that are partially covered by the forest and makes it look as if we discovered it for the first time, to finally arrive at the lost city of The Incas, “Machu Picchu“.

It is perfect for those who seek to experience archaeological, cultural treasures and great diversity of native plants of the zone. This is one of the most known hikes in the world and will reward those who are willing to break sweat with an impressive combination of mountains and beautiful trails.

We run our own tours, which guarantees the fair treatment of our porters and quality equipment creating an unforgettable trip for you that will be engraved in your memory and you will not be able to forget it or compare it with others.




CUSCO ANDEAN HIKE will pick you up from your hotel very early at 5:00 a.m on our private bus. Maybe your breakfast is not included in your hotel we will stop at ollantaytambo (a village in the sacred valley) To have a breakfast and you can buy some things that you lack (breakfast is not included by CUSCO ANDEAN HIKE).

Then we continue with our trip to arrive at kilometer 82 Piscacucho around 8:30 am, we enlist With our backpacks, then we walked to stop us near the train track to make photographs under a large sign the beginning of the Inca Trail.

We see the checkpoint with tourists in the queue, we will show the ticket and passport. Once inside the Inca trail, the hike is easy, looking at the flora and fauna and archaeological sites, stopping in some places to have information about Inca sites, there are  some villages with people selling water and food to tourists, we see the Way to LLAQTAPATA and the place of lunch Tarachayaq, after lunch we walk for an hour and half, to the camp that is in Huayllabamba village, a place to camp.

  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner
  • Accommodations: Camping
  • Maximum altitude: 2980 m/ 9776 ft
  • Minimum altitude: 2750 m/9000 ft
  • Distance walk: 14 km/8.7 miles
  • Approximate walking time: 7 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate


It is harder for everyone, we will gradually ascend to the highest point on the Inca trail, the dead woman’s pass  or Warmiwañuska(4215masl) we walk from the village of Huayllabamba (2980 masl) along the way we can find different native trees  Of the area as it is also possible to find local animals like condor hummingbird, deer, foxes, along the way we can find only two places to buy water and some food, after the second place nobody sells anything. But do not worry we will make water to provide them during the last two days of the Inca trail.

Here you will have the great satisfaction of reaching the highest point of the entire Inca Trail. After this fabulous experience, we will have to descend to Pacaymayo, where we will have lunch, dinner and our camp

  • Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Accommodations: Camping
  • Maximum altitude: 4215m/ 13825 ft
  • Minimum altitude: 2980 m/9776 ft
  • Distance walk: 7 km/4.3 miles
  • Approximate walking time: 7 hours
  • Difficulty: Challenging


This day is one of the longest. But the presence of small Inca archaeological sites along the way makes it worthwhile. We will ascend by a steep path and to the second pass, where we will find the first archeological center of Runkuracay (3750 masl) and the runkurakay pass (3950 masl). Afterwards, we will descend to Sayaqmarka (3600 masl) known as “The dominant city”.

After the visit of the archaeological center we continue for about 30 min until the lunch place chakicocha, then continue the journey until reaching the first tunnel on the way and Then we will arrive at the last step on the Inca Trail, from where we will see the city of Phuyupatamarca, “town on the clouds” (3665 masl), undoubtedly one of the most original cities of the Inca Trail. Then we will descend using around 2000 stone steps until we reach our last Wiñaywayna camp “forever young” (2667 masl).

  • Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Accommodations: Camping
  • Maximum altitude: 3950m/ 12959ft
  • Minimum altitude: 2667 m/8750 ft
  • Distance walk: 7 km/4.3 miles
  • Approximate walking time: 8 to 9 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate


We will get up very early and have our breakfast. This day we will walk our last section of the Inca road about 6 km away, or 2 hours approx. Along the route, we can see a great variety of flora and fauna typical of the area. Afterwards, we will reach Inti PunkuSUN GATE” (2720 masl). It is an excellent opportunity to take panoramic photographs of the citadel of Machu Picchu (2430 masl), since it is clearly visible from this point, one of the most important urban constructions of the Inca Empire Period.

Once in Machu Picchu, we will have a guided tour of 2 hours approx. And after the tour you will have free time to visit the city and take more photos.

If you have some tikect to visit some of the mountains like Huaynapicchu or Machu picchu mountain you will have enough time to do it.

Then, we will take the bus in the direction of the town of Aguas Calientes 25 minutes. In this city, you will be able to have some time to take lunch and later we will take the train back to Cusco from Peru Rail – Expedition. You must be at the train station 30 minutes before to take the train to Ollantaytambo. In this city will be waiting for our transfer with our bus to take him to Cusco and his hotel.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Maximum altitude: 2720m/ 8923ft
  • Minimum altitude: 2430 m/7972 ft
  • Distance walk: 6km/3.9 miles
  • Approximate walking time: 2hours
  • Difficulty: Easy



Acclimatize tour Explore Cusco (optional).

  • We have for you an Optional Walk. If you have time and are interested, we can do the acclimatization tour visiting one of the archaeological centers of Cusco and discover hidden places in the city.
  • Professional Tour Guide.
  • Approximate tour of 5 hours.
  • This is a free activity for travelers who book tours from 2 days and require acclimatization.


Informative meeting, one day before the adventure. Once there, you will receive all the pertinent information for your hike and the guide will answer all your doubts.


  • Private bus pick up from your hotel to the starting point of the trek  km 82 or Piskacucho
  • Bus ticket down.  Machu picchu to Aguas Calientes.
  • Return ticket by train EXPEDITION Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo.
  • Return bus from Ollnataytambo station to your hotel in Cusco.


  • Camps for 4 days and 3 nights.

Field Staff

  • Professional travel guide in Spanish and English with many years of experience in adventure tourism
  • Professional chef
  • Porters  to carry the necessary equipment and the personal effects of the passengers of up to 7 kg


  • Cusco Andean Hike will provide you with boiled water (previously filtered and cooled) from your first lunch, last breakfast and for your bottles before each walk (you decide how many liters you need each day).
  • Drinking enough water and hydrating is very important to be able to feel good in the mountains and thus avoid altitude sickness.


  • Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners (breakfast on day 1 and lunch, dinner on the last day are not included).
  • Option Vegan, vegetarian.


  • You have included 7 kg so you can carry your personal belongings (be careful with the fragile items)


  • Entrance to Machu Picchu
  • Inca trail Permits

Camping equipment

  • High mountain tent for 4 people, but we use it for 2 people (more comfort for you). If you want a personal tent  we also have personal tents (you must inform us in advance)
  • Single mattress
  • Bathroom / Bath Chemical


  • Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4D/3N: Breakfast not included first day, lunch and dinner of the last day.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Ticket HUAYNA PICCHU and MOUNTAIN MACHU PICCHU (if you want any of the tickets you must inform us in advance to be able to make the reservation – any of the tickets has an extra cost)
  • Extra Porter to carry personal belongings of customers more than those already included (for 7 kilos to 14 kilos).
  • Tips for staff.

Huayna picchu and Machu picchu mountain both must be previously reserved more information: info@cuscoandeanhike.com

Price & Availability


The Inca Trail is a protected area. To avoid environmental and archaeological damage, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture only allows the entry of a maximum of 500 people per day, including (porters, cooks and guides).

Due to the high demand, the spaces for the Inca Trail trek are sold out every minute, so we strongly recommend that you confirm your reservation as soon as possible.


  • Small Groups 2 to 8 pax
  • 24/7 assistance by our Whatsapp ✆+51 944363112
  • Extra porter 7Kg
  • Food Options  – best Chef – Vegan, vegetarian.
  • Sleeping pad included Therm a rest 
  • Professional tour guide English speaker from the beginning to end
  • 100% Quality service


Group service from 2 pax

  • US$ 750 per person.

Private service from 2 pax

  •   US$ 860 per person.

  • US$ 1150 One person


  • Huayna Picchu Mountain –    US$ 70.00 per person.
  • Machu Picchu Mountain   –    US$ 70.00 per person.
  • Sleeping Bag – US$ 25 per person.
  • Walking Poles – US$ 20  a pair  of walking poles.

Huayna picchu and Machu picchu mountain both must be previously reserved more information: info@cuscoandeanhike.com


  • STUDENT DISCOUNT  US$ 35.00 (Valid studend card at the time of the trek  or under 17 years old, we need to see the copy of the card for receive the discount).
  • KIDS ON THE INCA TRAIL US$ 40.00 (Just we need the copy of the passport).

Book Now

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Write to us by Whatsapp and a member of staff will be with you 24/7.

Consult our payment methods

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Deposit and dispatch of documents

Send receipt of payment, passports or ID documents

How to book

For any of our services, you must send your personal information and a deposit of US $ 200 per person, the rest may pay at our office in Cusco two days prior to your trip, to get the student discount you must send your ISIC card original by means of a photo to our mail info@cuscoandeanhike.com:

  • Name and surname
  • Passport number
  • Gender
  • Birthday date
  • Student Card (ISIC if you are a student Yes or No)
  • Nationality
  • Email – Phone number
  • Food preferences


You can make the deposit from our website by PayPal, please note that PayPal charges a 6% tax that automatically includes this option, once the deposit is made, send us the confirmation by email. To make your deposit by PayPal click on the “Pay Now” button below.

Western Union and Money Gram

You can also use these means to make the deposit. On behalf of our administrator. Take into account that this deposit generates transfer costs, which our clients must assume.

  • Name: Maria
  • Last name: Catunta choque
  • Identity number: 42265390
  • Address: Urb. Progress Jr-spine L-15
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Peru


Once the deposit is made, you will receive a receipt with the money transfer code, the client must send the receipt with a photograph to our email. info@cuscoandeanhike.com

Packing list

Inca Trail Packing List

Packing list Make sure to pack only what is strictly necessary for the hike to Machu Picchu itself, and leave your other belongings at the hotel.

What to pack for the inca trail trek?

Important items to pack for the Inca Trail 2024.

  • Original Passport (the same name and number passport that you booked).
  • Back Pack (capacity of 36 liters).
  • Sleeping Bag that resists up to -5° celsius (23° fahrenheit) in case you are not bringing your  own, you can rent one from Cusco Andean Hike.
  • Clothes for Trekking: Hiking boots, waterproof clothes (short, pants, rain jacket), T- shirt, and light sweaters. also bring clothes and a warm sweater to change into when we rest at the campsite, preferably made of cotton to keep you warm, especially for the first two nights. when you are hiking it is best to use your waterproof gear.
  • Hiking Poles. In case you do not own any, you can rent
  • Rubber tip.
  • 3 plastic bags to be able to keep your clothes separatein these 3 categories: clean, wet and dirty
  • Toiletries: Ensure you bring enough of everything you will need for the entire trek: soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, a towel and antibacterial gel.
  • Medication: If you are currently taking specific medication, please bring enough with you for the duration of your sta. We recommend you pack some altitude sickness prevention tablets such us aspirine, coramina diamox, sorochipills or acetazolamina, anti-blister gel is also a good idea to avoid getting excessive blisters on your feet from the uphill hiking, since if this gets out of hand it could compromise your participation in the trk.
  • For those who are staying over in Aguas Calientes: Remember to bring clean clothes for your stay after the hike ends. In case you would like to visit the relaxing hot springs in Aguas Calientes. do not forget to bring swimwear and a towel.

  • Camera.
  • Flashligh and Extra Battery
  • Sun cream.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Insect Repellent.
  • Canteen or Camel bak.
  • Swiss army knife (optional)

you can also bring some small change Peruvian soles to buy beverages or somethin along the hike, but this is optional. If you are going to stay in the town of Aguas Calientes an extra night, we recommend you to bring enough cash with you.


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