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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dear customers! Thank you very much for choosing Cusco Andean Hike tour operator 100% local company.


CUSCO ANDEAN HIKE – TOUR OPERATOR SERVICE OF TOURISM E.I.R.L identified with R.U.C. No. 20608909606, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and protection of our clients’ information in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, all personal data provided by you will remain stored in our database. data under a secure environment and will not be available to the general public, all this in order to be able to attend to your requests, respond to your queries or send the information associated with your contracted services and/or keep you abreast of information that We believe that it may be of interest to you.

Likewise, to use some of our services or access certain content, you must previously provide certain personal data, which will only be used for the purpose for which they were collected. The type of information that may be requested includes: Names, surnames, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, country and city of origin and personal interests, among others, not all the information requested. At the time of entering the site, it is mandatory to provide it, except for the one that we consider convenient to process your requests and requirements.

Said Information will not be shared or disclosed, except when authorized by you, or in the following cases:

  • When required by a competent authority and after complying with the corresponding legal procedure.
  • When in the judgment of this site it is necessary to enforce the conditions of use and other terms of this page, or to safeguard the integrity of other users or the site.

If you have questions or concerns about this Policy, please feel free to contact us at any time by email info@cuscoandeanhike.com

Reservations and Payments

When reserving some of our services, the client must send your personal information through a photograph of your PASSPORT and a deposit.


 Student Discount

To be able to access this discount, the client must send a photograph  from your original ISIC card to our email info@cuscoandeanhike.com

  • Discount for students with ISIC card
  • Discount for children from 2 to 12

Once the client confirms his reservation, the Cusco Andean Hike reservations area will send him an email with the confirmation of his tour or walk with all the details of the services included and not included in the price of the service.Once the message is sent, the client must answer around 72 hours. In case the client does not respond to the message, the company will assume that the client has accepted the terms and conditions of Cusco Andean Hike.

 Informative session (Briefing)

 A week before you will receive a message to your mail with the date and time of your briefing, be sure to arrive on time.The night before your hike; you will have a Pre-Hike talk(briefing) with your Guide where you will have the opportunity to ask  about your itinerary or about your hikewhat you have to take to your adventure. This briefing will take place in our office in Cusco or at your hotel from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.In this briefing your guide will give you a duffel bag (travel suitcase) so you can organize your travel equipment and clothes, if you have rented a sleeping bag you will be delivered at the same time.


Deposits can be paid through PayPal, Money Gram or Western Union. If you decide to pay through PayPal there is a 6% commission for deposits using PayPal. which the client must assume.Deposits through Money Gram and Western Union have variable rates. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of service you are booking, as follows;Treks of several days such as Inca Trail 4d-3n, Inca Trail 2d-1n, Salkantay 5d-4n, salkantay 4d-3n, etc. They require a deposit of $ 200 per person.Single day tour only 50% deposit is required.The deposits are not refundable or transferable to another person, due to the moment you have made a reservation, we have already purchased the proceeds to each place to visit and train tickets.

Final Payments 

We accept cash (US dollars and Peruvian soles) and PayPal for final payments.The client will not be able to make the trek until the full payment is received, either in cash or through PayPal.Cash payments must be made days before the departure of your trekking or your tour, you can pay in session or the Pre-Hike (pre-trip meeting)Payments in PayPalIf the customer decides to pay via PayPal you will have to pay the amount plus 6% of the tax. Our PayPal account Cuscoandeanhike@gmail.com


  • Made 30 days in advance have no charge (with the exception of the non-refundable deposit) with the following exception:
  • Inca Trail treks
  • In the case of cancellation, the customer will not receive a refund of their deposit
  • If the customer cancels between 30 and 10 days before their trek, they must pay 50% of the total trip cost.
  • the customer cancels between 10 and 3 days before their trek, they must pay 80% of the total cost.
  • Customers cancels 2 days or less before their trek, they must pay 100% of the total cost.
  • In the exceptional case that a customer decides to leave once they have started the trek, no refund will be given. The customer must also pay any additional expenses they incur such as food, lodging and transportation. On the last day the customer will be able to rejoin the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour.
  • If after the tour has started a client cannot participate in the trek or tour (due to sickness, physical problems, etc.) no refund will be given. The customer must also pay any additional costs they incur for transportation, lodging and food. On the last day the tourist will be able to rejoin the group and participate in the Machu Picchu tour.
  • In the case of natural disaster that prevents a service being completed, the customer will receive a 50% refund.
  • In the case of a natural disaster that requires a change in the trek route, but the trek is still completed, there will be no refund. This includes alterations in the Salkantay Trek that prevent participation in the zipline. In this case the alternative route will be to visit the Llactapata archeological site.
  • In the very unlikely circumstance that your service is not completed due to a fault of Cusco Andean Hike, you will receive a full refund (including your deposit).


Participating in any Cusco Andean Hike Adventure involves potentially strenuous physical activity. You should consult with a doctor prior to engaging in the Adventure or in any training in preparation for the Adventure.

Exercise is only one part of being healthy, seeing your doctor is another. If, at any time during a training session (whether it is a group session, individual personal training session, self-training session, pre-event training, or other related team activities), you suffer any mishap or injury, we urge you to stop your activity immediately and seek professional medical attention.

Any materials provided to you by Cusco Andean Hike and its team is intended to provide general information about walking, hiking and safety while participating in the Adventure and other events and tours. It is not intended to act as a medical manual, or guide to self-treatment. Keep in mind that exercise, health and nutritional needs vary from person to person depending on age, gender, family medical history, current health status, and other individual factors. Before engaging in these, or any other exercise, or recreational activities, we urge all individuals to consult a qualified health professional. He or she is best qualified to advise you about your specific health status, needs and ability to participate in any physical activity.


I am aware that participating in the Adventure includes participating in activities that have certain inherent risks. These activities include, but are not limited to: walking, trekking, hiking, and animal viewing. Some of these activities may occur in remote and wilderness areas.

I am further aware that should I incur any illness or injury during the Adventure, access to emergency personnel, doctors, and hospitals or other treatment facilities may be limited, and that there may be long delays and difficult and potentially painful travel to get to a hospital or other treatment facility. These delays and travel conditions may cause any illness or injury to become worse during such delay and due to such travel required to reach needed professional help.



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